Apple’s iOS 10 Music Rips Off Sleigh Bells Too

Here’s a fun experiment if you updated your iPhone to iOS 10. Open your photos, hit memories, and create a slideshow of some of your photos. The next screen will give you the option to change the music theme (Sentimental! Dreamy! Uplifting! Epic! Extreme!) and length of the slideshow. Hit “extreme” + “long.” Recognize that song? Reddit user TheOreo pointed out that the song claiming to be “Fighting Spirit” by PYRMDS (which renders no search results) sounds an awful lot like “Crown On The Ground” by Sleigh Bells. Thanks to YouTube user Taylor Grimes for this slideshow example:

And here’s “Crown On The Ground” for comparison:

An iOS 10 commercial back in June was accused of ripping off Shamir’s song “On The Regular” with another “song” by a “band” with little to no online presence.

Sleigh Bells are already suing Demi Lovato for sampling two of their songs on Lovato’s song “Stars.” Will they pursue another lawsuit against Apple?

We’ve reached out to Sleigh Bells and Apple for comment and will update if we hear back.