Watch Miley Cyrus Cover Bob Dylan And Play With A Tarantula On Fallon

It’s a treat when a musician goes the whole nine yards on a talk show, submitting to whatever pranks and games the host wishes. Miley Cyrus was the sole guest on Fallon last night, where she performed a cover of Bob Dylan’s “Baby, I’m In The Mood For You,” pausing halfway through for a little nod to the controversy of the previous night’s guest, Donald Trump. “Let’s give it up for our host who is so much fun, except if you’re Donald Trump. And then don’t even think about messing with my hair, I’m serious.” Cyrus is a judge on the upcoming season of the Voice, and the lead in Woody Allen’s new Amazon series Crisis In Six Scenes. Cyrus also taught a very not flexible Jimmy Fallon about ashtanga yoga, played a trivia game where she got a marijuana question wrong and had to hang out with a tarantula in a phone booth, and spilled some Adam Levine/Blake Shelton drama. Watch all the segments below.

Here is her covering “Baby, I’m In The Mood For You”:

Here’s the trivia/tarantula bit:

Here’s yoga class:

And here’s her speaking on Shelton and Levine’s bickering: