How To Dress Well – “Can’t You Tell”

How To Dress Well – “Can’t You Tell”

How To Dress Well’s new album, Care, is coming out at the end of this week. We’ve already heard two tracks from it — “Lost Youth/Lost You” and “What’s Up” — and today Tom Krell has shared a third, which is called “Can’t You Tell.” Krell described it on Twitter as a “consent-pop song” and a “sex-positivity anthem,” and it certainly is all about doing it. But I’m not sure Krell got his intentions across exactly right… Choice lines include “Wanna lay you down, take you right there/ Can’t you tell?” and “Yeah I want it, but I want it when you want it baby/ Want you to show me you can give it right back.” and “Make no mistake I can see it in your eyes/ Yeah, I know you wanna love.” Hmm… Sounds creepy! For a better song about consent, maybe listen to Sad13’s “Get A Yes” instead, or hear this below.

Care is out 9/23 via Domino.

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