The Undertones – “Get Over You (Kevin Shields Remix)”

We haven’t heard a lot of music from the semi-reclusive My Bloody Valentine mastermind Kevin Shields since his band came back with its triumphant m b v album in 2013. But this morning, we’re getting some new Shields music in a very unexpected from. Shields has contributed a remix to the first two albums from the Undertones, the late-’70s Northern Irish pop-punk pioneers. Shields has remixed “Get Over You,” the band’s 1979 single, and there is absolutely no shoegaze on Shields’ version of the song. Instead, working from the original tapes, he’s beefed up the guitar sounds and put together a thicker, fuller version of the original song, making sure it still sounds crude and slashing and immediate. It’s still very much the same song as it was 37 years ago. Check out the Shields version and the original below.

Those Undertones reissues are out 10/7 on BMG.