The Post About Average Joe

Has anyone seen Average Joe? At first I thought the premise was pretty intriguing … same thing as The Bachelor, except the beauty finds out in the first episode that her suitors are “regular guys” — balding, overweight, nerdy, or just plain awkward.

I’ve discovered that out of the three guys remaining, I have a connection to two of them.

Zach (the asshole) is from my hometown. In the first episode, he cracked an egg on the short guy’s head for NO REASON. He’s a jerk.

Adam (the nice guy) used to date my friend.

I made her give me the scoop….

“Adam’s from Livingston, NJ and went to Michigan. He is a very cool guy, always part of the ‘cool’ group of guys with tons of friends. He wanted to be my boyfriend but it just wasn’t there. He is the nice guy that you are suppose to like but you just can’t! He dated a friend of mine that was pretty but same problem, she wasn’t totally attracted to him. He is such a nice guy though! I also know Zach! He dated my sister’s friend for a few months. Zach and Adam definitely know each other before the show. He is definitely such an asshole and was never friendly in the Hamptons when he was in the house next door to mine.”

So there’s the scoop. This post reads like something from I better post some MP3s to balance it out.

The Strokes – “Is This It” (Demo)
Ryan Adams – “This Is It”

Ryan Adams disc is growing on me. It’s Replacementsy.