Watch Earl Sweatshirt Play 3 New Songs At One Love Music Festival

Earl Sweatshirt has a habit of performing new material at concerts, and it’s usually a treat when he does. A little over a week ago, he debuted three new songs in his set at the One Love Music Festival in Calgary, Alberta Canada on 9/11 and fan footage has slowly began to surface. Earl didn’t give any song titles of course, sticking to his reclusive, secretive nature, but all three songs are really good. As to be expected from Earl, they’re all dexterous melancholy, but the beats are incredible. On the first two tracks he eases up the clothes-ruffling bass he dwells in for playful piano and bright soul samples to take the helm, and the third has an infectious gospel organ ringing out. There’s still no word on when we’ll get the followup to last year’s I Don’t Like Shit, I Don’t Go Outside, and it’s unclear whether or not these songs will be on it, but Earl is sounding spectacular right now.

If you somehow haven’t heard his victory on Danny Brown’s “Really Doe,” check that out too.