Infinity Crush – “Wipe Down” Video

Infinity Crush is the moniker of Caroline White, the bedroom-pop poet whose new album, Warmth Equation, is due out next week. White already shared the two tracks that bookend the album — opener “Drowning Here With All My Friends” and closer “Heaven” — and today she debuted the wistfully tragic “Wipe Down.” The very cool magazine She Shreds premiered the track and interviewed White about the song’s straightforward lyrics. Here’s an excerpt of what she had to say:

[“Wipe Down”] reflects a period of time that felt permanent, the era of grief where it seems like there will never be healing and you’re just stuck in this nightmare-seeming reality: waking up, remembering suddenly and violently who you and what has happened, sleeping just to cope…The grief is overwhelming and Wipe Down doesn’t fight it. It’s like when you’re sitting in your room in the evening and it’s getting darker and darker, but you don’t turn on a light, you just allow yourself to sit in the darkness.

Despite the fact that “Wipe Down” was born of tragedy, White is debuting the song accompanied by a tranquil video. In the clip, White traipses around her former hometown in Maryland accompanied by the angelic, looping chorus “Wipe Down” rides on. Check it out below.

Warmth Equation is out 9/30 via Joy Void.