Thurston Moore Announces Cassette Single In Support Of Chelsea Manning

Chelsea Manning is a former soldier in the US Army and she was imprisoned after leaking classified information to WikiLeaks. She has been held at the US Disciplinary Barracks at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, and she asserts that she’s been treated inhumanely during her time there. A little over a week ago, we learned Manning would become the first person to undergo gender-affirming surgery in prison via the ACLU, and although that is a victory, some feel she is still being treated wrongfully. A handful of artists, including Michael Stipe, have recorded songs and video messages in support of Manning’s fair treatment in prison over the past few weeks.

Former Sonic Youth co-leader Thurston Moore has become the latest artist to align in support of Manning. Moore is not one to shy away from political or social issues; he recently made a song with Bernie Sanders. Today he’s announced the song “Chelsea’s Kiss,” which is to appear on the A-side of a Cassette Store Day single along with another song called “Sad Saturday.” Partial proceeds will go to the Chelsea Manning Support Network, and will be earmarked for the defense of former Pvt. Manning. The tape also comes with a double-sided J card with Free Chelsea Manning on the inside. See details below.

The “Chelsea’s Kiss”/”Sad Saturday” cassette tape single is out in a limited edition of 1000 on 10/8. Pre-order it here.