Weinstein Company Producing Elvis TV Miniseries With Presley Estate

The Weinstein Company is teaming up with Elvis Presley’s estate to executive produce an 8-10-episode television biopic about the King. According to Deadline, the deal will give the company the rights to use all of Elvis’s music, allow them to shoot inside Graceland, and grant them access to his cars, clothes, and jets. The series will be based on rock journalist Dave Marsh’s 1982 book Elvis, and although no one is officially attached to helm the project yet, The Weinstein Company is reportedly shortlisting a group of A-list writer-directors and is expected to bring the package to networks within the next two weeks.

“We are thrilled to announce this biopic and our partnership with the Presley Estate,” says executive producer David Glasser. “It’s an incredible opportunity to be the first-ever scripted TV series to shoot at Graceland and have access to Elvis’ personal archives. Elvis redefined an entire generation’s relationship to music and pop culture. This show will be an authentic and riveting look at how that came about from start to finish.”