Watch Wilco Perform “Someone To Lose,” Avoid Didgeridoo Jam Session On Colbert

Wilco just released their new album Schmilco, and frontman Jeff Tweedy also just gamely participated in a Late Show With Stephen Colbert bit about how all of Wilco’s album titles are trash. Tweedy, of course, has been a regular guest on Colbert’s show since the Colbert Report days. And last night, Wilco served as the Late Show’s musical guests, performing the amiable Schmilco single “Someone To Lose.” Ethan Hawke, who really would be a Wilco fan, stood by as a sort of silent cheerleader while Colbert introduced them. And earlier in the show, Tweedy did another comedy bit with Colbert, built around the idea that Colbert has a didgeridoo and he wants to play with Tweedy. Watch both the performance and the sketch below.

Schmilco is out now on Anti-/dBpm.