Deniro Farrar – “Consistently Inconsistent” Video

Introspective, pro-black North Carolina MC Deniro Farrar dropped his Mind Of A Gemini earlier this summer. It’s a versatile collection of songs with plenty of sharp-tongued commentary to go around. One of the standout tracks was the smooth “Consistently Inconsistent.” Today it gets the visual treatment. In the clip, Farrar takes us on a little camping trip as he walks barefoot through the woods, grills himself a steak, and freshens up a bit. In other words, he just does what he damn well pleases and doesn’t care if it’s entertaining. Which is his persona in a nutshell. Director James Rico does some artful manipulation with the play speed and it registers much more deeply than the visuals would suggest. Here’s what Farrar had to say about the clip:

This video is a depiction of me in my natural element — me being free and how I truly am — me being nude is an expression of my freedom and liberation — and a kiss my ass to those who do not believe in being free.


Mind Of A Gemini is out now.