Watch Thundercat Have A Bass Battle With A Hannibal Buress Robot On The Eric Andre Show

Absurdist comedian Eric Andre will seemingly do anything to get a laugh. It can be pretty hit or miss, but sometimes there are some gems that come out of his random, chaotic nonsense, like his “Rap Warrior Ninja” sketch. Mostly he just makes musicians uncomfortable with naked penises on stage for no reason. Why artists agree to be on the show is beyond logic, but bass-bender extraordinaire Thundercat will be on the show tonight and a preview of his “bass-off” with a robot Hannibal Burress has surfaced. It’s kind of a shame to see Thundercat’s skills wasted, but he goes absolutely nuts on the bass for about 30 seconds before Andre brings some guy out to hug him and press his penis against his leg. ¯\_(?)_/¯. Watch below.