Testing For The Rock Gene

Gene Simmons talks about his show “Rock School” on VH1 in The Guardian with characteristic aplomb:

While Simmons denies that he is acting in the programme, it seems likely that he is permanently in character, playing the role of Gene Simmons. Like a veteran Jewish comic, he knows his patter and sticks to the shtick, emphasising gags with a raised eyebrow or a hint of wink. All that is missing is a drum roll and the crash of cymbals. “I don’t subscribe to that humble thing,” he says, embarking on another routine. “I subscribe to the Muhammad Ali school of semantics, although I’m not anti-semantic.” He raises an eyebrow and peers at me over his shades. “If you use that I want credit.”

One expects nothing less from the man who so famously bested NPR interviewer Terry Gross.

He’s even gone to all the trouble of collecting praise for his show on his website.

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