New Beck Album Reportedly Pushed Back To November

Beck’s been working on the as-yet untitled followup to 2014’s Morning Phase since before Morning Phase was even out. First it was supposed to be out in late 2014, then 2015, then the first half of 2016. After the release of “Wow” in June, we got our first actual, honest-to-god release date: 10/21. But now, as The Future Heart reports, it’s been pushed back again.

All mention of an October release date has been scrubbed from Beck’s PR site, and according to The New York Times, the album will now be coming out in November. That could be to space the release out with a reissue series of Beck’s albums that starts 10/28, or it could have something to do with Lady Gaga’s Joanne, which is arriving 10/21 and is set to feature Beck. Or it could be something else entirely. Who knows!

Beck’s new album will be out sometime on Capitol Records, probably.

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