I Have A Tribe – “After We Meet”

I Have A Tribe is the project of Dublin singer-songwriter Patrick O’Laoghaire. O’Laoghaire uses his velvety tenor for beautifully evocative balladry founded in vivid imagery and storytelling. He’s set to drop his debut album, Beneath A Yellow Moon, next month. An early taste of the album comes in the form of “After We Meet.” The Irishman lulls you in with a simple, tender proem of vocals and piano before bringing in knocking drums as his voice quivers on the touching crescendo. The yearning and hopefulness of his tone as he sings lines like, “Maybe tomorrow/ We’ll plant a seed/ And out of the ground grows/ All we will need,” is lifted by the sparse but gorgeous arrangement. Listen.

Beneath A Yellow Moon is out 10/14 on Grönland.