PWR BTTM – “I Wanna Boi” Video

PWR BTTM have just shared a video for their Ugly Cherries track “I Wanna Boi.” The song’s about imagining an idealized version of that special someone, and in the video the band’s Liv Bruce puts themselves in a bunch of semi-romantic situations with a blow-up doll. “I wanted to make a music video where I date an inflatable mannequin because the song is about the unrealistic fantasies you build up around love when you’re single,” Bruce explained to Nylon, who debuted the video. “Those fantasies reveal themselves to be just as awkward and precarious as reality when they come true.” The vid’s entertaining and stylish and a little heartbreaking in the way that only this band can be, and it was co-directed by Bruce and Anneliese Cooper. Watch below.

Ugly Cherries is out now.