Amoeba Music In Berkeley Will Now Sell Weed

Amoeba Records’ Berkeley location announced last year that they were looking to convert their jazz section into a marijuana dispensary (how fitting). They were denied the permit to do so last fall, but they’ve now been granted one to start “the most epic dispensary ever” according to a Facebook post by employee Debby Goldsberry.

The store is expected to open after a few months of planning and development by the Berkeley Compassionate Care Collective. The record store already has a medicinal marijuana doctor’s office, so now Bay Area folks can have their scrip written and get it filled in the same place (and maybe enhance their shopping/listening experience).

This comes after the Amoeba LA location in Hollywood announced that the space was sold, but they intend to stay for “several years” until the lease is up.

Perhaps the Berkley location can help them buy it back with the new revenue stream they have to look forward to.