Fleet Foxes Frontman Gives His Sweater To Longtime Proprietor Of Fansite About It

Five years ago, a Fleet Foxes fan started a Tumblr dedicated to a very nice sweater that frontman Robin Pecknold was spotted wearing a lot. The site’s activity waned as Pecknold retreated from the public eye, but the memory of the sweater lived on. In a Reddit AMA a few months back, Pecknold was asked about the sweater and responded: “I haven’t worn it in five years but I have brought it with me dutifully everywhere I’ve moved, someone made a tumblr about the sweater and I wrote to them trying to mail it to them as a gift but they never responded.”

A few weeks ago, he posted a photo of the sweater on his Instagram with the caption “hmu” (“hit me up” for you olds out there), and mentioned in the comments that it was destined to go to the “editor in chief” of the sweater-dedicated Tumblr and that Pecknold was “excited to see the sweater in new #situations expanding its #horizons beyond being #cozy on my #folkback.”

After one final farewell photo (above), the sweater has made the journey to its new owner. “lesson learned: make a meme out of a sweater when you’re in high school and 5 years later you might just receive it in the mail. thank you so much robin! i’m really at a loss here,” she wrote on Tumblr. A happy ending for all!

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A photo posted by Robin Pecknold (@robinpecknold) on


A photo posted by Robin Pecknold (@robinpecknold) on

For those of you hoping to own a similar sweater, you may be out of luck: It looks like the tag has been cut out, so there’s no way of knowing where this beautiful piece of fabric originally came from. Some mysteries are better left unsolved…