Gallant – “Skipping Stones” (Feat. Jhené Aiko) Video

Powerful crooner Gallant’s Ology is one of the most gorgeous and decadent R&B albums of the year. One of the standout tracks was the Jhené Aiko feature “Skipping Stones,” was was originally born out of his involvement with Red Bull Sound Select. Part of the track’s allure is the incongruity of their styles — Gallant projecting potently and Aiko floating delicately — but they both have a flair for the dramatic in their own way.

In the American Millennial-directed video for the song, that shared theatrical prowess makes for some literal flames in a very dark take on the track. Aiko has Gallant tied up in the trunk of a BMW after an apparent bitter end to a relationship. She stoically sparks a lighter and throws it into the car just as he manages to knock out the taillight from the trunk. It’s some morbid stuff, but it’s beautifully shot in slow, sweeping camera movements that make for a compelling clip. Watch.

Ology is out now.