Super Unison – “Broken”

Super Unison – “Broken”

Oakland punk trio Super Unison are very fittingly named after a song by San Diego post-hardcore ragers Drive Like Jehu. They introduced themselves on their blistering self-titled EP with eight minutes of brain-rattling aggression last year and haven’t looked back since. They’re set to drop their debut full-length, Auto, next month, and it’s more deftly controlled chaos. Following singles “You Don’t Tell Me” and “Time & Distance” is a fuzzy fit of melodic fury called “Broken.” Layers on layers of interlocking guitar envelope Meghan O’Neil Pennie’s (ex-Punch) ululations, but leave just enough space for them to cut through like a machete in the Amazon. It’s a two-minute onslaught that feels just enough like an elongated hook to provide a little reprieve — “little” meaning just a smidgen. Here’s what O’Neil Pennie told NPR about the track:

The song is about self-preservation. Sometimes you have to walk away from something that’s not good for you, despite the pressures of obligation and guilt. Some people may not understand, but you know your own feelings better than anyone.


Auto is out 10/14 via Deathwish Inc.

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