Many Voices Speak – “Video Child”

Many Voices Speak – “Video Child”

At the risk of propagating yet another music journalism cliché, “Video Child,” the debut track from Swedish newcomers Many Voices Speak, is nostalgic. Maybe it’s the warmth, achieved with reverby guitar lines, pretty melodies, subtle horns, and a steady rhythm section; maybe it’s the mention of gardens, airplanes, and “going back,” which remind me of a certain dairy-themed indie-folk band. Either way, “Video Child” is promising as the official debut of Matilda Mård, the group’s singer and the lead single’s anchor. It’s lush yet restrained, and an excellent representation of their new EP, Away For All Time. Here’s what Mård had to say about the single:

“Video Child” was shaped from a kind of rebellion against the musical introspective sound that I devoted myself to for several years. To me it’s a song that looks back to the late nineties. Both lyrically, but also I’ve given into another kind of arrangements that provide space for a larger expression, which looks back to the artists who made me want to sing in the first place, like Dido and Destiny’s Child.

Check it out below.

Away For All Time is out 10/28 on Hit City U.S.A. Pre-order it here.

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