Suzanne Vega – “Annemarie”

Suzanne Vega’s upcoming ninth studio album, Lover, Beloved: Songs From An Evening With Carson McCullers, is based on her play about McCullers, the 20th century Southern Gothic author, with songs co-written by Vega and Tony Award-winner Duncan Sheik. The latest of those songs to see release is “Annemarie,” a piano-driven single concerning an unattainable love that puts its recipient on a pedestal.

“Annemarie” is the perfect companion to “We Of Me,” a previous single from Lover, Beloved; where “We Of Me” sees comfort and humor in relationships and goofy Old Testament references, “Annemarie” harps on feeling inadequate when you view your love interest as godlike. Vega’s willingness to be open about such an imbalance (“Everyone wants you/ How can I possibly compete?”) is a strength that, while not providing a resolution, carries the song towards terror, love, and pity. Here’s what Vega had to say about the song:

“Annemarie” is a song of unrequited love for the main love of Carson’s life, Annemarie Clarac-Schwartzenbach. Carson makes Annemarie into a kind of deity that she was not able to find in her real life.

Listen below.

Lover, Beloved: Songs From An Evening With Carson McCullers is out 10/14 via Amanuensis Productions. Pre-order it here.