Captain Murphy – “Crowned”

Adult Swim and Flying Lotus go way back like Flo Rida’s hairline. The Cartoon Network subset was actually pretty influential in launching Steven Ellison’s career after they took a chance and featured his music when he wasn’t anything but a guy getting started in the LA underground beat scene. I remember bumps from ’06 with the celestial beats from 1983 pulsing underneath. FlyLo has expressed his gratitude on many occasions, and continues to stay close with AS to this day. So it’s only fitting he would contribute a track from his rapping alter ego Captain Murphy to the Adult Swim Singles Series.

“Crowned” is a suspenseful, skulking slow-churner that leans cinematic in accordance with FlyLo’s scoring sensibilities. Dude is an underrated rapper too. Anyone who can hold their own with Earl Sweatshirt in terminator mode is A-OK in my book. He spits some vivid, creepy tongue-twisters like “Stained sweats, sticky fingers, bad dreams/ Garlic breath, itchy feet, smelly farts and pimple cream” over the dramatic backdrop. Listen.

Adult Swim’s Singles series has been very good this year if I may say so. Follow it here.