Say Yes! To Orange County

Jen Carlson at Daily Refill has a post inspired by our item on CYHSY turning down the O.C.: Which indie bands would play the O.C.?


  • voxtrot
  • of montreal
  • langhorne slim
  • doveman
  • raising the fawn
  • colin meloy/the decemberists
  • the honey brothers
  • au revoir simone
  • man in gray
  • world leader pretend
  • the national
  • the talk
  • lou barlow (“i would do nearly anything for money at this point..we didn’t have health insurance. i have no shame.”)
  • joy zipper
  • the information
  • human television
  • british sea power
  • the fame


  • ghostland observatory
  • jimmy chamberlin
  • robbers on high street (“The OC is escapism for me. […] If I saw myself in my unreality it would ruin it for me.”)

Of course, when Jen asked CYHSY, Lee Sargent said yes. Let that be a lesson for you TV producers: get it in writing! Indie rock makes Hollywood look like a maternity ward.