Bruce Springsteen Talks Kanye, Kendrick, And His Other Favorite Current Artists At Apple Soho

Bruce Sprinsgteen is really promoting his new memoir Born To Run and its companion album Chapter And Verse. This morning, he did a meet-and-greet with fans at the Barnes & Noble in NYC’s Union Square, and tonight, he held a Q&A session at Apple’s Soho store.

When asked about current music that he likes, he brought up a few modern rock acts: “Green Day, they make great records and they’re always thoughtful and intense and they have a band that plays great together. My old friends from U2 are still doing just fine. They consistently sound great and are creative. I have an iPod full of things that can’t come to mind right now.” And when asked about any other genres, he name-checked Kendrick and Kanye: “I like Kendrick Lamar a lot. He’s intense. He’s a great rapper, very intense. I like Kanye West, I think Kanye West makes great records. I love his records. Those are just very, very creative, amazing records.”

Later in the interview, he also shared a few words about his upcoming album: “It’s been done for a while. It’s pretty good, I hope it’s good. It’s kind of a solo record. Maybe we’ll get it out this year sometime if we’re lucky.” Watch the whole thing below.