SiriusXM Launches A Talk Radio Channel About Music

Why listen to music when you could listen to people talking about music? This seems like an absolutely weird and ill-founded idea, but I spend enough of my time listening to music-based podcasts that I know there’s at least something to it. And as AP reports, SiriusXM will put that idea to the test by launching Volume, a talk-radio channel devoted entirely to music.

The new channel will feature shows like Melissa’s Basement, in which Melissa Ethridge will hang out with other musicians in her Los Angeles home, and Debateable, in which hosts Mark Goodman and Alan Light will argue over the sorts of things music fans argue over. TV producer and former Musician magazine writer Bill Flanagan will host an interview show, while Nik Carter, formerly of VH1, and writer Lori Majewski will host a morning show. Anthrax’s Scott Ian, MTV News patron saint Kurt Loder, and DJ Eddie Trunk will all get their own shows as well, and the station will broadcast the Rolling Stone Music Now podcast.

Executive producer Roger Coletti calls the channel “sports radio for music fans,” which is a pretty good elevator pitch. But I have a hard time imagining idly switching on my radio and sticking around for most of the things that this channel is offering. The great thing about podcasts is that they’re completely on-demand, and I can’t imagine that many people are going to want a radio station to curate that for them. But talk radio is a huge business, so who knows?

The station is set to launch 10/17, and Lady Gaga, T.I., Robert Plant, and David Crosby will all appear on the station in its first week. Here’s a promo: