Justin Bieber Must Give Deposition In Miami Subway Beatdown Lawsuit

Back in 2014, Miami photographer Michael Muñoz sued Justin Bieber, claiming that after he snapped some pics of the pop star, one of Bieber’s bodyguards chased him into a Miami Beach Subway restaurant, locked the door, and beat him up. Muñoz sued the bodyguard, Dwayne Patterson, for battery, false imprisonment, and negligent retention, and he sued Bieber for negligence for failing to stop the beating.

Muñoz’s lawyers have been trying to get Bieber to return to Miami to be deposed for a while now, but he’s apparently been pretty hard to get ahold of. On Wednesday, as The Miami New Times reports, a Miami-Dade judge demanded that Bieber fly to Miami within 30 days to attend a court deposition or face “sanctions for [his] contumacious disregard of this court’s orders.” If he doesn’t show, Florida police will be ordered to arrest him on sight.

Bieber’s scheduled to perform in a whole bunch of European countries this month, so he may have to postpone the European leg of his Purpose World Tour to say sorry.