Diddy Still Deciding Whether To Vote For His Stylish Friend Donald Trump

Sean “Diddy” Combs and Donald Trump have been running in the same New York new-money rich-celebrity circles for decades, and both of them have plenty of experience being both loved and hated by vast swaths of the country. And while Diddy threw his weight behind President Obama in the last two presidential campaigns, and spearheaded the get-out-the-vote Vote Or Die campaign in 2004, he hasn’t brought himself to decry Trump’s toxic candidacy. He might even vote for the guy.

According to The New York Post, Diddy said a few words about Trump during a recent event for his Sean John cologne at Macy’s last week. Diddy described Trump as “a friend of mine,” and said, “I always liked Donald’s style. I do have a tie he gifted me. I wear it.” (As far as we know, Hillary Clinton has never gifted Diddy a tie.)

And when asked whether he’d vote for Trump, Diddy said, “That remains to be seen.” If you’re wondering which voters out there are still undecided, there’s one for you.