Stream Wild Pink 4 Songs EP

Stream Wild Pink 4 Songs EP

Last year, Wild Pink released their second EP, Good Life. The Brooklyn-based band will put out their first full-length next year, but before that comes the 4 Songs EP, which acts as a stopgap between the two releases and serves as a pivot from the raw, driving power of their earlier output to a more taut and atmospheric sound. Opener “4th Of July” is poignant and devastating: “Don’t let the fear of losing me keep you from moving on,” John Ross sings, warning his partner that he doesn’t see himself settling down: “I’m the one that goes away.” The rest of the songs on the EP have a bit more momentum — “Fall Semester,” in particular, builds to a crashing declaration: “If your heart is still true then you can always come home” — but it’s that first one that captures Wild Pink’s passionate sentimentality best. Or maybe it’s best expressed in a question posed on “Forlim Chop”: “Why do I hold onto the past so tight?” Listen below.

The 4 Songs EP is out 10/7 via Tiny Engines. Pre-order it here.

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