Timberwolf – “Something That I Said”

Timberwolf is set to follow up last year’s excellent FLUX EP with a record that is yet to be titled. He’s moving from the straightforward, pretty indie folk from the EP in favor of a more full, lush sound with layered instrumentation. The first taste we get of his progression is the lead single “Something That I Said.” It’s a gorgeously textured mid-tempo ballad that leans retro with shimmering guitars, cleverly syncopated drums, and plenty of earworm moments. His voice floats effortlessly above the soundscape as hits a cutting falsetto with candid imagery and plainspoken sentiment. He sings with palpable longing from the very beginning, “I could never be your friend/ Even though you’re heaven sent,” and never lets up from there as the instrumentation slowly builds and swells underneath him. Though he may be exploring a new sound, he exudes a comfort and confidence that hints at the album being something special. Here’s what Timberwolf had to say about the song:

Hopefully “Something That I Said” is the kind of song that encourages people to celebrate feeling imperfect and a little bit shit at making friends and finding lovers, because we’re all really awkward and conflicted and anyone who thinks they’re not is even more-so.


Timberwolf’s forthcoming album is in the works.

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