Really Big Pinecone – “Chorus Girl”

Really Big Pinecone – “Chorus Girl”

Last year, Really Big Pinecone put out their debut release, a nine-track tape of liquified rock songs called really really big pinecone. After a discursion in the form of a warbled soundtrack to a non-interactive video game, the Brooklyn three-piece are back with a new EP, What I Said About The Pinecone, that comes out in a few weeks. Last month, they shared “W.I.S.A.T.P.,” the lilting lead single that featured guitarist Mikey Buishas on vocals and acted as an abject search for meaning. “Chorus Girl,” the second track we’re hearing from the EP, sees bassist Zannie Owens taking the mic for an off-beat gem that recalls the sweeping, jagged edges of Annie Clark’s best. It’s built around wobbly, wistful overlocking vocal acrobatics that do a good job at evoking the performative nature of the titular character, and the lyrics hint at a darker, hardened element — “Pretty little chorus girl/ Bites her way through all the concrete in town/ Trying to find another gown” — that foreshadow the track’s descent into a disorderly churn. The song does a lot in under two minutes, and you should listen below.

What I Said About The Pinecone is out 10/21 via Babe City Records.

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