Watch Hannibal Buress Kick Flavor Flav In The Face On Eric Andre

Watch Hannibal Buress Kick Flavor Flav In The Face On Eric Andre

Eric Andre is up to his usual fuckery again. Flavor Flav was a guest on his show, and you can tell something was amiss from Andre’s introduction of the Public Enemy hypeman as a “civil rights leader.” Flav comes out in true showman form in an all-white three-piece suit and his signature clock chain ready to talk a solo album he’s recording like this was going to be an actual interview. He makes it about 58 seconds into the interview before a stagehand tries to grab his penis because there was “a problem” with his mic. Andre then reaches for Flav’s penis and he gets upset, saying he’ll punch the host in his “fucking face.” It seems like everything was going to calm down again, but then Hannibal Burress comes out of nowhere with a Chuck Norris crosskick that connects with Flav’s right cheek. Check it out below.

Flav is still reeling about the incident, and via his Facebook he claims that the kick was edited to make it seem like he was actually kicked in the face, but it damn sure looks real and unedited. He had some choice words for Andre.

To add insult to injury, Flav responded to a Facebook commenter that he wasn’t even paid to be on the show.

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