Fetty Wap Brought Way Too Much Cash To Court

Fetty Wap just flexed on the entire United States justice system. According to Page Six, the New Jersey sing-rapper showed up yesterday at a Cedar Grove, New Jersey court to deal with a few misdemeanor charges. He pleaded guilty to a few minor charges: Driving with tinted windows and a suspended license, failing to replace lost, destroyed or defaced license plates, and whatever charges are associated with a burglar alarm that falsely goes off twice in your house. He was ordered to pay $360 in fines, and he had enough to cover that about 500 times over.

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Fetty reportedly brought a wad of bills to court that totaled about $165,000, and the gigantic wads of money were just sticking up out of his pockets. On their commutes home that day, everyone associated with the court must’ve felt something like Kyle Chandler on the subway at the end of The Wolf Of Wall Street.

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