Furious Miguel To San Diego Club Owner: Don’t Make Me Sing

Miguel made an appearance at Side Bar in San Diego Wednesday, and that’s all that was supposed to happen. Instead he had to be restrained by his bodyguards from fighting the club’s owner. As reported by TMZ, the LA singer-songwriter had a contract with the nightclub that stated he would make an appearance but did not specify anything about singing. The owner of the club admits that the contract didn’t include performing, but says he and Miguel reached a verbal agreement that Miguel would sing one song. Miguel at first calmly said that he never agreed to sing, but the owner apparently kept pushing a mic in his and it made him very angry. In the phone-recorded clip below, you can hear the singer screaming at the top of his lungs, “Get the fuck out my face!” while his bodyguards hold him back and try to calm him down. The club owner should be thankful he didn’t get hit with that infamous Miguel leg drop. Watch Mig at his most furious below.

One can only be reminded of this classic SNL sketch.

Don’t make Miguel sing.

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