Stream Douglas Dare Aforger

Way back in July we brought you “Doublethink,” the highly intriguing first track from Douglas Dare’s sophomore LP Aforger. Today we’re back with the full album, and it lives up to the promise of its opening track. Imagine John Vanderslice’s trembling melodic narration and pristine pop-rock craftsmanship applied to frigid electronic soundscapes out of a Thom Yorke solo album, and then get really excited.

If that sounds gloomy, it is. Aforger emerged from some heavy times in Dare’s life, among them coming out to his dad and breaking up with his partner. As such, these songs dive deep into questions of identity and the nature of truth, with a special emphasis on the way modern technology complicates our lives: Can we be manipulated to believe two conflicting ideas? How real are those pixels we stare at all day? Once an experience has passed, how can we be sure it even happened at all? But for all its bleak explorations, Aforger never gets overwhelmingly dark thanks to Dare’s marvelous way with melody and a tendency toward climactic moments that find hope continually colliding with despair. It’s a hell of an album, and you can stream it all below.

Aforger is out 10/14 on Erased Tapes. Pre-order it here.

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