Boogarins – “Elogio Á Instituição Do Cinismo”

Boogarins – “Elogio Á Instituição Do Cinismo”

Brazilian rockers Boogarins have typically specialized in softly droning psychedelic rock, but on their latest single they reveal a much broader skill set. “Elogio Á Instituição Do Cinismo” — which translates to “Praise The Institution Of Cynicism” — frames that same gleaming guitar pop in thumping electronic clatter the likes of which we’ve never heard from this band. With its emphasis on melody and hallucinatory textures, it’s still closely linked to the Boogarins of old, but the digital noise creates the feeling of a rougher, rowdier, Portuguese-speaking Tame Impala. Check it out below.

Did you know Boogarins’ 2015 album Manual was nominated for a Latin Grammy? Now you know!

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