Watch Swans Play A New Song “The Man Who Refused To Be Unhappy”

Before releasing the heaving new double album The Glowing Man this past spring, Michael Gira, frontman of the elemental New York postpunk/industrial institution Swans, said that it would be the final album from the band’s thunderous current incarnation. But Gira and this version of Swans are still touring, and it appears that they’re still writing music together, as well. Playing the Brighton venue Concorde 2 on Saturday night, Gira introduced a new piece of music called “The Man Who Refused To Be Unhappy,” saying that he and the band “just started developing” it a few days earlier. The song runs 12 minutes, and it starts out as a locked-groove riff and builds from there. Check out a fan-made video (which starts out as an audio-only recording) below.

The Glowing Man is out now on Gira’s own Young God label.

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