Daniel Rossen – “You’re Crossing A River” (Golden Suits Cover)

Fred Nicolaus came to prominence as one half of Department Of Eagles, and he just dropped an album called Kubla Khan with his solo project Golden Suits. His Department Of Eagles bandmate, Grizzly Bear member Daniel Rossen, was so excited about the album that he wanted to cover the standout “You’re Crossing A River” to celebrate it. Rossen says he “went a little overboard with it,” adding in some sections to turn the four-minute original into a denser, heftier, slow-churning six-minute excursion. Here’s what Rossen had to say about the rework:

My old bandmate from Dept of Eagles, Fred Nicolaus, just released a new album called KUBLA KHAN under the name GOLDEN SUITS. In honor of the release, I covered the last song on the album. I went a little overboard with it and added some parts, and now it’s six minutes long. I love the original so I wanted to do it justice.

Check it out.

Kubla Khan is out now on Hit City U.S.A.