Watch Barry Gibb & “Barry Gibb” Sing Together On The Tonight Show

In all his years on Saturday Night Live, the best thing Jimmy Fallon ever did was almost certainly the recurring sketch “The Barry Gibb Talk Show,” in which Fallon would impersonate the former Bee Gees leader, depicting him as a coked-up, falsetto-yipping megalomaniac. (The real Gibb appeared on it once.) Last night, Gibb himself was the musical guest on Fallon’s Tonight Show; he sang the title track from his new solo album In The Now. Naturally, this lent itself to some of Fallon’s trademark viral hijinks. And in a comedy bit, Fallon dressed up as Gibb, and the two did something called “Silhouette Singing,” in which they sang various autumnal terms in high-pitched harmony. As a comedy bit, it’s utterly DOA, and I’m amazed they couldn’t come up with anything better. But it’s weirdly fun to hear Fallon’s famous version of Gibb singing right along with the actual Gibb. Below, watch the Silhouette Singing bit and the proper Barry Gibb performance.

In The Now is out now on Columbia.