Westworld Will Feature A Lot More Radiohead

The latest episode of Westworld, HBO’s new sci-fi drama set in a Wild West theme park populated by lifelike robots, featured an instrumental piano version of Radiohead’s “No Surprises.” The song was played on a player piano during two scenes in which madam Maeve, Thandie Newton’s character, tries to entice two customers with her pre-programmed pitch. And, as Vulture reports, it certainly won’t be the last time Radiohead will be featured on the show, as showrunner Jonathan Nolan is a fan. “When Jonathan says, ‘Do a Radiohead song,’ I say, ‘Great!'” show composer Ramin Djawadi says. “This particular piece was pretty simple, actually. The opening arpeggiated riff from ‘No Surprises’ translates really well into piano.” Watch the scene below.