Anil Sebastian – “Closer” Video

Anil Sebastian – “Closer” Video

London-based producer and singer-songwriter Anil Sebastian deftly mixes lush yet minimal R&B-kissed electronic soundscapes deftly with artful instrumentation and feathery vocals floating above. He’s set to drop his debut album Mesonoxian in exactly two weeks. An early single is the beautiful “Closer,” and today it receives an equally stunning visual accompaniment. Sebastian, cloaked in all black, stoically sings as clever, inventive animated effects come off of him. Darkness zooms around him with splashes of color interjecting, and for the operatic climaxes a woman extends out of his shoulders like cells reproducing in mitosis. The visual elements rise and fall exquisitely with the expertly controlled shift in temperament that the song displays. Here’s what Sebastian had to say about the clip directed by Rino Stefano Tagliafierro:

The video is split into two parts, one light and one dark. We often live between these parallel realities sliding below and back. Melancholy and happy, distant and but somehow always “Closer.”


Mesonoxian is out 10/28 via Relative State Records.

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