Lil Jon Confirms Donald Trump Kept Calling Him An “Uncle Tom” In Celebrity Apprentice Outtakes

Another day, another gross story about Donald Trump! Lil Jon was on a 2013 episode of Celebrity Apprentice, during which he wore an Uncle Sam costume to help advertise hair products. And, as The Daily Beast reports, when Trump saw the rapper in the Uncle Sam costume, he repeatedly blurted out, “Look, he’s Uncle Tom!”

Arsenio Hall also happened to be a guest on that episode, and he was not happy with Trump’s oblivious use of the racially charged term. After he expressed his displeasure, multiple producers attempted to get Trump to, you know, stop calling Lil Jon an Uncle Tom. “We kept trying to explain to [Trump] that that’s not a word you can use, that it’s offensive,” one Apprentice employee says. “One of the executive producers had to call him up directly to [plead with] him not to say it, and Trump was like, ‘No, that’s a saying, it’s Uncle Tom.’ There are several takes in the footage of the dailies that has him trying to figure out the difference between ‘Uncle Tom’ and Uncle Sam. He just couldn’t grasp that it was offensive… When [Trump] decides he wants to do something, that’s his way.”

Lil Jon has confirmed the story on Twitter:

When asked about the incident, Trump campaign spokeswoman Hope Hicks merely stated, “This is simply untrue.”