Very Fresh – “Hat Tree”

Very Fresh – “Hat Tree”

Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter Cindy Lou Gooden makes raw, confessional, fuzzy rock songs under the moniker Very Fresh. She’s set to drop her debut EP, Hey, It’s Me! later this fall after touring with Kino Kimino and Leapling on bass and forming the all-female Pavement cover band, Babement, with Speedy Ortiz’s Sadie Dupuis. Just as the title of the project suggests, it’s simple and candid, but it also slyly evokes piercing sentiment.

An early taste of the EP is “Hat Tree,” a beautiful mid-tempo ballad with vivid storytelling over subtle, surfy guitar layers that gradually build to a sneaky, but potent crescendo. It’s an excellent foray into her solo sound, and shows even more comfort in her sound since last year’s excellent debut single “Clean Touch.” Here’s what Gooden had to say about the EP and coming into her own:

I just kind of reached a point where I care less about how I present myself to the world and more about being honest. The best things in my life always seem to have appeared when I’m being vulnerable, or at the very least being something close to myself.


Hey, It’s Me! is out 11/4 via New Professor Music/Inflated Records.

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