Watch Puscifer’s Animated “The Arsonist” Video Featuring Ronda Rousey & Trumpzilla

Say what you will about the abomination that has been the presidential election, but at least it’s inspiring some great #content. Maynard James Keenan’s non-Tool band Puscifer has just added another piece of track to keep the anti-Trump train rolling. In an animated clip for “The Arsonist” off of last year’s Money Shot, Keenan, Ronda Rousey, and a group of women UFC fighters including Cat Zingano, Holly Holm, and Cristiane Justino battle against a terrifying Trumpzilla to prevent him from literally destroying America.

After he crushes the White House and dismantles Mount Rushmore, Trumpzilla sets his sights on the arena where Rousey and Keenan are fighting a charity match in which Keenan will undergo gender reassignment surgery if he loses. An epic battle ensues with Trump’s comb-over gaining sentience as he unleashes his own fighter to defeat the crew. After struggling initially, Keenan and the gang rally the American people to deliver one final blow. The David Brown- and Lord Tyrion-directed visuals are chock-full of commentary and jabs at the presidential candidate to go along with the literal punches. Check it out.

Money Shot is out now.