Lush Cancel Festival Gigs After Phil King Leaves Band

Earlier this year, ’90s UK shoegaze greats Lush played their first show in 20 years and embarked on an extensive tour, released a new EP, and made plans to put out a full-length. But it looks like they may have run into some trouble. In a new statement, the band announced that bassist Phil King has left the group, and that they’ve had to cancel upcoming appearances at Iceland Airwaves and Rolling Stone Weekender as a result. They have one more show scheduled at Manchester Academy on 11/25, and say they’re looking for a new bass player for what they refer to as their “final show.” Here’s their full statement:

We are very sad to announce the departure of Phil King from the band. As a result, we will no longer be able to appear at the Iceland Airwaves and Rolling Stone Weekender festivals – massive apologies to everyone who was looking forward to seeing us play there. We are in the process of acquiring another bass player and look forward to our final show at Manchester Academy on November 25th.

Read our interview with the band’s Emma Anderson and Miki Berenyi from earlier this year.

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