Deerhoof @ Northsix Tonight

Herb Alpert's conceptual album about child molestationDeerhoof’s new covers album is all over the place, but the only track I could download so far is a version of the title track from 2004’s great spazzy Milk Man. Since it was going so slow, I’m just going to throw this up on our server and try to download some of the other tracks later. It’s by Ben Grnbrg, of The Fugue, whose webpage kind of looks like the original Milk Man sounds.

Ben Grnbrg – “Milk Man” (MP3) (Ben Grnbrg & RIYL put up a clean copy of the mp3- thanks, guys!)

And, from The Runners Four, jazzy track 3:
Deerhoof – “Running Thoughts” (MP3 link removed)

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