Trap Them Vocalist Breaks Both Feet Onstage And Keeps Playing

Ryan McKenney, frontman of the Massachusetts grindcore band Trap Them, is a motherfucking trooper. On Saturday night, while performing in the Dutch city of Eindhoven, McKenney leapt from a speaker cabinet and broke both of his feet, as Metal Injection reports. And rather than stopping the show, McKenney finished performing, hunching over a speaker cabinet and grimacing in obvious pain but still growling. And the band hasn’t canceled its touring plans, either. Two nights later, the band played a show in London, and McKenney, with a black eye and casts on both feet, did the whole show from an office chair. Not even a wheelchair! Below, you can see video of Trap Them performing after the injury, and of McKenney about to jump from those speakers and performing in London two nights later.

#trapthem about 1 minute before he broke his foot #bloodshedfest #dynamo @trapthem

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Much respect to @trapthem for putting on a great show! #TrapThem

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Trap Them’s new album Crown Feral is out now on Prosthetic Records, and you can stream it here.

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