Ciara Drops Libel Case Against Future

The ongoing legal battle between once-royalty ATL couple Ciara and Future is a little less ugly. Ciara’s lawyer, Larry Stein, has filed legal docs dismissing the libel claim in her lawsuit against Future. In order to win a defamation case the plaintiff must prove damages due to the libelous statements. According to TMZ, Ciara is making more money than she was before Future’s Twitter rant badmouthing her, and thus didn’t suffer financially at all.

This does seem like a somewhat convenient narrative to drop the case, since a judge recently deemed Future’s tweets as not libelous. The tweets were the main evidence in her case, and without them, her lawyer was facing a much larger burden of proof. This makes it seem silly that she filed the claim in the first place, but whatever, at least she is doing well.

This does not mean the case is over, though. Ciara is still suing Future for “false light” — making her look like someone she’s not. Proving false light does not require proof of financial damages, so Ciara may still get money from the case, but at this point, it seems unlikely.

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