Surface To Air Missive – “Full Love Wonder” Video

Surface To Air Missive is gearing up to drop their A V LP early next month. Taylor Ross’ retro outfit makes wonderfully bouncy throwback jams with unconventional recorders big and small multi-tracked atop atypical chords, inventive interplay between guitar and bass, and intricate percussion with lots of bubbly energy. An early foray into their unorthodox sound on the forthcoming album is “Full Love Wonder.” Today, they give the song a fittingly retro visual treatment as they jam out complete with swinging disco balls and sequins galore drenched in pink. It’s the perfect portrayal of their throwback sensibilities interjected with novel instrumentation and irresistible grooves, and it looks like it was a lot of fun to make. Check it out.

Tour dates:

The A V LP is out 11/4 via Leaving Records. Pre-order it here.