Artificial Pleasure – “I’ll Make It Worth Your While”

Artificial Pleasure – “I’ll Make It Worth Your While”

London-based trio Artificial Pleasure are a versatile outfit that tie many different influences and genres into tight, hypnotic knots. They’ve only released one single, “Bolt From The Blue,” prior to today, but they already showcase a comfort melding genres that eludes many other artists. They’ve followed up their intro single with “I’ll Make It Worth Your While,” and it sounds like the work of a completely different band. The song blends the funky grooves of Atlantic Records soul with the quirkiness of Gang Of Four for an irresistible rhythmic affair. Here’s what frontman/guitarist Phil McDonnell had to say about the track:

The song is about the desire to sometimes lose control, to lose yourself, to escape from whatever is going on. It’s about not caring, at least for a short period of time, and letting go. I get the urge to go wild but I’m often too self-conscious.

Check it out.

“I’ll Make It Worth Your While” is out 12/2.

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